If your dryer isn't performing properly, these are some common problems which cause appliance failure.

Not Heating:

a. check to see if your vent hose has collapsed

b. check lint filter, remove all lint

c. check breakers (or fuses) in your main breaker box for the house. An electric dryer has 2 breakers

(30 amp). If one trips off, then the dryer will run, but not heat.


a. A high pitch squeal is usually the idler (tension) pulley. This can mean a pulley bearing is going bad

(NEVER use oil anywhere inside a dryer. Oil will collect lint and will create grit).

b. Most dryers have drum rollers that the drum rolls around on. This noise will be a slow rumble. The drum

will have to be removed for these to be changed.

Drum not turning:

a. A belt is most likely broken. Remove front or back and check for a broken belt.

If you are still having problems, then call 573-893-2700 and talk about the problems you are experiencing.

Appliance Tips for the Homeowner