If your refrigerator is not working properly, here are a few common problems that cause refrigerator failure.

Not cooling properly:

a. Put a normal thermometer in freezer section. Wait for 30 minutes and check the temp. The normal operating temp is 0 degrees, + or -5 degrees.

If the temp is above 15 degrees, then there could be a problem with the defrost system, or with the cooling system.

b. If your refrigerator does not have coils up the back of the refrigerator then check if there is air movement coming from the front at the bottom of the fridge. If no air then wait 30 minutes and check again. If there is still no movement, then the compressor fan motor may be bad or clogged up.

Make sure the coils are clean behind the grill. Or remove the back panel of the refrigerator and check motor. If not moving, you may need to replace the motor.

Hint: you can put a household fan blowing on the compressor to keep it cool until you get the motor replaced; this will keep the refrigerator working properly until repaired.

Ice Maker quit working:

a. Check temp in freezer with a thermometer first. Your ice maker has a thermostat built in it to record temp. If temp in freezer goes over approx. 10 degrees the ice maker will not produce ice. Check the refrigerator temp every few hours to see if temp is still rising. If this is happening, then you may have a defrost problem or a cooling system problem.

b. If your icemaker is a mechanical type (remove the cover and there will be a metal plate with 2 gears inside) when you remove cover there will be a plastic gear approx. 2" in diameter in the middle. This gear could broken and not letting the ice maker advance.

c. If your icemaker is a module type (remove cover and the plate will be brown plastic), then you need to put a jumper wire between T and H to jump start the ice

maker to see if will run. If nothing happens, then you probably need to replace the square module.

d. Remove icemaker and check cavity mold for lime build-up or a damaged mold. If this is apparent then you probably will want to replace ice maker as this will be too costly to replace.

If you are still experiencing problems after checking all of the above, then call Tom at 573-893-2700 to discuss your situation.